Procoto Raises $750k to Build the Future of Procurement

Procoto Pre-Seed Announcement

Procurement software is broken.  

It has been for years. I ran procurement teams for much of my career and I searched long and far for a tool that would make my job easier. Instead, what I found were clunky, outdated, expensive dinosaurs. With software trending toward ease and accessibility, why is procurement lagging so far behind?

We started Procoto to fix this – to make procurement simple, affordable, accessible, and maybe even a little fun. Enterprise software doesn’t have to be a chore or cost a minor organ. We’re doing what Hubspot did for CRMs and what Asana did for project management.

With this mission, we were participants in the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program and are now thrilled to share that Procoto has raised a $750k pre-seed round, led by TampaBay.Ventures. The round of funding will allow us to scale the team and accelerate our building the future of procurement for our users.

Since inception, Procoto has been operating in a private beta, working with select procurement professionals to facilitate feedback on a modern source-to-contract tool. But today, we’re launching the public version of Procoto. No salespeople, no demos or sales decks, no 25-page contracts. This isn’t your daddy’s procurement software. Just go to our website and get started.

This is only the beginning for Procoto. We’re excited to keep learning from our customers on our path to make procurement simpler and more affordable for everyone.


Founder of Procoto

PS: We’re hiring