Manage your procurement process like a big enterprise for a fraction of the cost. Procoto consolidates RFPs, contract management, and vendor management all in one place.

Key features

Strategic sourcing

Workflow approvals

Data transformation

RFP management

Smart databasing

Automate bidding & analysis

Create templates and sequences to automatically invite vendors, follow up, and analyze their bids.
procurement software
procurement software

Digitize Contracts & Terms

Never go digging for contract terms or miss a cancellation again. 

Centralize Vendor Management

Consolidate all key vendor information and performance metrics. 

procurement software

Procoto solves fragmented procurement challenges

Little leverage

Without the volume or the analytics tools of larger businesses, it’s hard to negotiate with the same leverage. Procoto gives you that competitive edge.

Limited insight

Sharing sourcing progress and key information internally falls to emails, phone calls, texts, slack messages, etc. Procoto stores all your communication in one place.

Inefficient sourcing

Little of the sourcing process is automated, taking time and energy away from negotiating with vendors. Save time by streamlining your sourcing process with Procoto.

Different systems

Vendor, contract, and historical spend data is managed across different spreadsheets, ERPs, and third-party systems. Keep all your purchasing history in one place with Procoto.