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rfp process

The Ultimate RFP Process Guide: 6 Steps

RFP is an acronym for Request For Proposal. It is a formal document that requests proposals from potential vendors for a specific product or service. …

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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing: Apply Principles To Modern Procurement

Strategic sourcing is the critical process that helps buyers identify what they really need to succeed, and then works with vendors inside and outside their …

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Modern Software Changes Digital Procurement In These 6 Ways

In the past, procurement has been a time-consuming and manual process. You had to go out and find vendors that you were interested in bidding …

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Contract Management

The Ultimate Guide To Procurement Contract Management

A procurement contract is a legal document that binds the buyer and seller to perform their contractual obligations. The act of procurement contract management can …

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contract lifecycle management

What is Contract Lifecycle Management?

A Quick Guide To Understanding Contract Lifecycle Management   Regardless of the type of organization, contracts are an essential part of day to day operations. …

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Data Transformation

What is Data Transformation?

Over the past couple of decades, businesses have witnessed a rapid increase in the volume of data they manage. The data is generated from a …

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Create a Killer Sourcing Template with These 5 Rules

Okay put your hand in the air if you’ve participated in an RFP with a nightmarish pricing template. Now put your other hand in the …

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Streamline the Sourcing Process for Your Multi-Unit Business in 5 Steps

The sourcing process isn’t always as fun as people tell you. (People do say it’s fun, right?) Okay, oftentimes it’s actually pretty challenging. From building …

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RFP Timeline & Accountability Matrix

The (Notorious) R.F.P. Timeline & Accountability Matrix

So you put your team through the gauntlet of our last post and you’ve decided you want to go after it. You have the right …

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rfp responses

How to Become the Barry Bonds of RFP Responses: Selectivity

Two weeks ago, I outlined my recommendations for effectively running an RFP. Now it’s time to show the RFP respondents some love (and maybe a …

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effective rfp

10 Tips to Run Your Next RFP Like a Pro

RFPs can be a nightmare. Those three letters alone will raise your blood pressure. I know mine spiked just typing them. From pulling together a …

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Smarter about Your Spend – Through the (Golden)Eyes of James Bond

Skyfall: It’s Time to Adapt So the world is changing around us as we speak. Margins are thinning and we’re all trying to figure out …

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